Our Team


Andrew Scott

Founder & Design Director

As the Founder & Design Director, I actively serve as our client’s trusted guide. My favorite part of the project? When I’m sitting across the table from you with a handful of markers and trace paper while we're dreaming up all that your project could be. I like to think big and solve our client’s problems while having a realistic grasp on the budget. Crafting homes is the medium I choose because I love working with people and creating places where they live their lives.

With over 6 years’ experience in civic, commercial, higher education and residential design, as well as urban planning, I love using all my experience to think outside the box. Being agile and able to think at all different scales allows me to bring a unique perspective to my projects.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my wife, Kate. We love living in beautiful Nashville, going on adventures - whether they be local or across the pond, seeing friends and family, and being in involved in our local church. I’m an avid golfer, craft beer and wine enthusiast, personal growth junkie, book nerd and documentary fanatic. 

How It Started

I have different way of looking at the world. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had an eye for great architecture and design. Whether it was buildings, houses, parks or even silverware (ask my wife about our wedding registry:)), I’m obsessed with great design. I sketch it, photograph it, critique it, talk about it and am constantly learning as much as I can.

This passion led me to study landscape architecture at Purdue University, which spring boarded my career into design and construction. In between junior and senior year, I went on a one year internship at Mahan Rykiel Associates in Baltimore. I had learned so much at Purdue, but I learned even more working at a professional design firm. We worked on civic, retail and higher education projects all over the east coast and in Asia. The size of these projects (and budgets) was insane and awesome all at the same time.

After graduation, I started working for one of the top architecture firms in the country, SmithGroupJJR. For four years I got real world, hands on experience in the studio as a designer and out in the field seeing projects get built. I worked on teams of architects, interior designers, landscape architects and all engineering disciplines. We worked for some of the top universities, coolest developments, and in the biggest cities around. This is where I figured out how to deliver projects of massive scale and what's required to produce great design that helps shape the world around us. 

The Turning Point

During this whole time though, and even back to when I was growing up, I have had this unquenchable desire for designing homes. If you ever meet my mom, she can tell you all about the house plans I drew as a kid, the home shows we'd go to where I’d be pointing out the missed opportunities, and of course the paper I wrote on why I wanted to be an architect – in the seventh grade. Like a song stuck in my head is how I have always felt about residential design. I have always had a love for designing the spaces that people will live their lives in. The rooms they raise their kids in. The homes that they grow in relationships with family and friends. That’s what fueled my fire.

So as the story goes, about three weeks into my first ‘real’ job is when I met a guy who needed help designing a patio. So I did that, and had a blast. Then that project led me to a kitchen remodel. And that turned into a whole lake house remodel. The word got out and the snowball just kept rolling. I was working full time (and then some) at a top architecture firm and then helping families with remodeling projects at night and on the weekends. It was crazy, chaotic and I didn’t get much sleep some weeks. But I loved it. Mostly it was because of the relationships I was building with these families, but it was also because of the passion that my clients had to create a wonderful home environment for their families. I was hooked. 

The Need for a Change

Once a few of my residential projects started to go under construction, I began to hear about a lot of frustrations from my clients. You see, I was conducting my work in a very traditional style. Basically, the classic way to build anything is that first, you commission a designer to produce the drawings. Then, you take those drawings to a builder for construction. The designer and builder rarely meet, and the plans are left up for interpretation.

Not only that, but when there were issues it’d be up to the homeowner to relay the information and come up with a solution. It was very time consuming and a major headache. The process was broken and my clients weren’t being taken care of after I had finished up design. I was frustrated. My clients were frustrated. And that’s when I began to come up with a plan to change all this.

The following projects, I began to bring in the builder at the start of the design phase. This way I could create a plan that my clients were ecstatic about and the builder could provide input on constructability, feasibility and start making preparations for construction. One of the results I didn’t expect from this new process was the amount of time being saved. The projects ran smoother and finished up earlier. My clients were happy and more at ease because they weren’t managing the project on their own anymore. I was there to help them throughout the entire project, from beginning to end.

Starting August Development Co.

When my wife, Kate, and I decided it was the right time to move from Chicago to Nashville, I went full time with my side business and founded August Development Co. From day one, I have been using this proven design-build process. I’ve built relationships with some of the finest builders, trades and real estate agents around town to give you an all-inclusive experience. The results have brought unparalleled happiness to our clients.

Like you, we care about your home. We’re going to be there for you every step of the way and give you a home you can be proud of. We help families escape the ordinary by creating beautiful, functional and individualized homes. Whether you’re looking to build a new custom home or remodel and old one, we’re here to help!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients are saying:

We were extremely happy with Andrew. He took the time to listen to our wish list, come out to the property and even see the sun’s path before designing our home. At every step he delivered what we asked for. He was always on time and changes were quick. I had seen some of his other designs and loved his style since both of us like modern/contemporary homes. He reminds me of a modern day Frank Lloyd Wright in his eye for detail and his style. As to using him again, that would be a big YES!
— Ada R.
We knew from the start that we liked Andrew’s eye and designs and we’ve been very happy with what he’s designed for us. But what I’m perhaps most pleased about is that he’s been extremely accommodating to our tastes and very understanding when we’ve scaled back some of his design options. We ended up with documents that are of high quality. I feel confident that Andrew will be available to us for design consultation whenever we need him in the process.
— Jim G.
We’ve asked Andrew for his assistance & expertise with three of our home remodel projects thus far and can’t say enough positive things about our experience. His attention to detail, patience, flexibility, and positivity are a breath of fresh air compared to other designers we’ve encountered. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to craft a living space that’s more suited to their needs and personality.
— David K.